6 Best Laptop For Data Science In 2023 (Features)

Will you like to know the best laptop for data science either as a student or professional in the field? Do you want to know the features of a data science laptop before purchasing it?

In this article, am going to reveal everything to you but before that, what exactly is data science? Data science is the study of data to extract meaningful insights or ideas for business.
If you want to become a Data Scientist or want to make your career in the data science domain you have to learn Programming, Mathematics, Database and Domain knowledge.

If you have an interest, then it’s quite easier to make your career. However, data science can be used to predict or forecast patterns that may happen in the future using historical data. And this contains data mining, data discovery etc.

It can also be used to gain insight into what happened or what is happening in the data environment. For example; a flight booking service may record data like the number of tickets booked per day.

Data science can also be used as prescriptive analysis, that is, upgrading the prediction, how? By also suggesting an optimum response to that outcome.

A clear example to understand data science
You plan to book a hotel to lounge with your partner. What do you normally do?

Look around for available hotels nearby or Google it to know which hotel is the best and the available room.

You plan to take a bolt and the moment you click the bolt app, you see the availability of the drivers nearby, fares, and how much time it will take to take you to your destination.

That is the pure mechanism of data science. This deals with the aspects of machine learning, statistics, data analytics, and data science.

I hope you are clear now.
However, do not forget that data science professionals deal with many applications and challenges every day, which only powerful laptops can handle it.

What do Data scientists look for when trying to choose a laptop?


There are basic things data scientists think about before considering buying any laptop and you too need to look at those because they are important, and they are;

1. You need to understand the computation strength requirements for data-intensive projects. Just know that as a data scientist that you will be working with advanced technologies like; AI and VR to speed up your analytical tasks.

2. You should keep in mind the time of your building your projects and the computation challenges you may be facing with it. So you need a laptop with at least 16GB or more RAM, but, I usually recommend the latest intel core i5 or i7 CPUs, and a dedicated GPU if your budget is low.

3. Even as a professional in data science you do not need to overlook security and connectivity features.
However, you must deal with lots of data as a data scientist, you need a laptop which has high RAM and a lot of storage space. Though, there are many brands of laptops you can consider.

6 Best laptop for data science and features


Here am going to discuss with you the best laptop for data science and its feature in it, this will enable you to make a good choice for your career.
You may ask, Do I need additional software or extra tech specs in my laptop for data science? Just keep reading.

1. Dell G15

This is the first best laptop for data science which I have personally used, this will help you to carry out your project faster and without any issues this laptop is exceptional.
This is your ideal laptop as a data scientist because you will have to be working on numerous datasets simultaneously without any latency. After all, it is strong stylish and portable to carry.
With its best display and refresh rate of up to 165Hz, the Dell G15 allows you to run different apps at the same time without any performance problems.

However, this also has 16GB of DDR4 RAM. Dell G15 is not just the best laptop for what you need to do a perfect JOB, and below are the basic features which you need to know.

Feature of Dell G16


  • It has 16 GB RAM
  • It has 512 GB SSD Storage space
  • It has 8 hours of Battery Life
  • It has a 15.6′′ Full HD Display
  • AMD 8-Core Ryzen 7 5800H Processor
  • It has GeForce RTX 3060 Graphic Card with 6GB GDDR6 GPU

2. Asus VivoBook 15

When we are talking of a strong laptop for data science then, the Asus VivoBook 15 with 12 hours of battery capacity should be your first choice, what do I mean?
This laptop comes with a mix of a strong CPU, GPU, RAM, storage options and long battery life Asus vivoBook 15 is the best laptop for data science.

I used it as a game laptop for data science, it has a strong enough processor for performing any machine learning algorithms, and the Radeon graphics card offers outstanding support while examining data sets or presentations, while the Ryzen processor is without any problem.
Below is the major feature which you need to know before buying this laptop for your work.

Feature of Asus vivoBook 15


  • It has 36 GB RAM
  • It has 1 TB SSD Storage space
  • It has 12 hours of Battery Life
  • It has AMD Radeon GPU
  • It has 15.6′′ Full HD
  • It has AMD Ryzen 7 5700U processor

3. HP Envy 17T

This is one of the most powerful laptop that I can recommend for programmers and data scientists, you can easily boost productivity with this powerful HP Envy laptop.

The 17.3-inch Full HD display offers clear, crisp visuals for multi-window browsing, and the spacious 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD rapidly loads frequently accessed applications.

This HP Envy laptop is a well-known brand in the electronics world, it has an Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, letting you multitask, and the NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics card supports seamless media playback.

The laptop has 1TB of SSD storage space and 16GB of RAM. It is capable of multitasking and performance processing with exceptional performance.

Feature of HP Envy 17T


  • It has 10th Gen Intel i7-1065G7 processor
  • It has 16 GB RAM
  • It has 1 TB SSD Storage space
  • It has 15 hours of Battery Life
  • It has NVIDIA GeForce 4GB GDDR5
  • It has 17.3′′ Full HD IPS

4. MacBook Pro 16-inch

If you are the kind of person that is always on the road, this laptop is one of the best for you because it is portable and lightweight, with incredible performance, a huge and nice display, and unbelievable speakers.

The MacBook Pro is a popular laptop for data analysis among Apple users. The 16-inch model is particularly suited for data analysis because of its powerful processor, large storage capacity, and stunning display.

It features a 9th-generation Intel Core i7 or i9 processor, up to 64GB of RAM, and up to 8TB of SSD storage. The 16-inch Retina display is also great for visualizing data with its high resolution and accurate colours.

However, you may not like this great laptop because of how expensive it is, and for that, I can’t recommend it to students.

Feature of Apple MacBook pro


  • It has 8 GB RAM
  • It has an 8-Core GPU
  • It has 18 hours of Battery Life
  • It has 256 GB SSD Storage space
  • It has a 13.3″ Retina Display
  • It has IOS Operating System
  • It has Apple M1 Chip, an 8-core CPU

5. Lenovo Thinkpad P53s

This ThinkPad laptop set the standard for data science computing. It is one of the best laptop for data science with a strong battery that can last for up to 15 hours.

The P53S has incredible battery life. It has 12 hours for typical online browsing and over 10 hours for a workstation are excellent.

Feature Lenovo Thinkpad P53s


  • It has 16 GB RAM
  • It has 512 GB SSD Storage
  • It has Integrated Graphics
  • It has 15.6′′ Full HD
  • It has 14 hours of Battery Life
  • It has NVIDIA Quadro P520 2GB GDDR5
  • It has 8th Gen Intel 4-Core i7-8565U

6. Hp ZBook 15 G5 Laptop

This is the perfect laptop for either students or professional data scientists who need a laptop with a long-lasting battery and is very portable. The HP ZBook Studio G5 is one of the laptop on the market currently, but it doesn’t put looks ahead of the performance.

This HP ZBook comes standard with a 512GB SSD, which won’t make you wait to access data. Or equip your own with up to two 2TB SSDs in an internal NVMe RAID array.

This data demon lets you enjoy Windows 10 Pro 64, 9th Generation Intel Core i7 and Core i9 (6-core) processors, That’s enough to zip through the heaviest R modelling jobs with ease.

Features of HP ZBook 15 G5 Laptop


  • It has 16 GB RAM
  • It has 512GB SSD Storage Space
  • It has NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards


I have been able to reveal to you the best laptop for data science and its basic feature and the things you as a professional in data science.
Are you planning to enrol in the field or you are already a professional? Those laptops above are the best choice for you.

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