7 Facts Only University Class Representative Will Understand

In this post, I will be sharing with you things only university class representative will understand and fact about course rep in higher institutions.

In secondary school we have class leader’s as class captain, class monitor, assistant teacher, class moderator as some would address it.

This individual usually work along with his or her assistant. The assistant is in charge of the duties allocated to her by the class captain or class monitor.

They work in hand to hand as one in order to keep the class in order as preferred by the teachers.

This is so in the university. In the university, the name may be changed to as class representative in short form “class rep”. They may be regarded as “course rep”.

So many people have been asking me several questions relating to course rep in the university. Some of these questions are;

  • Can I become the course rep of my department?
  • Is it possible for me to become course rep in my 100level?
  • Can I become a course rep in a university of which I am a non-indigene?

Well, these are very interesting questions and I want you to understand that you can become the course Rep of any department you are in via an indigene or a non-indigene of that institution.

I know some of my friends that are course rep in most of the prestigious university in UK, USA and Nigeria, that are non-indigine.

I would have liked to share with you how to become the course rep of any department in any university you are in, but that’s actually not our main focus.


Mind me to share this little story with you. This is actually the story of my friend in University of Georgia, USA.

In his story, he carefully explained to me how he was elected as their departmental course rep In a very short period of time.

Like I always tell people, everything in life has secret. It is not about the struggle only, but are you struggling in the right direction?

Let’s continue with our main focus for the day which is “7 Things Only university class representative will Understand”.

Who is a class rep and who is a course rep?

It is usually a nice thing to be cleared off something than to have it inside and unanswered.

The question who is a class rep and who is a course rep is a very important one.

Class rep is someone who is elected or appointed by the class or school authority as a representative of that class or department.

He is to be in charge of the class affairs such as keeping the class quite, keeping the class clean, maintaining peace and order in the class and other activities within the class or department.

While course rep is someone who is elected by the group of people offering a particular course.

Also, course rep may be someone who is appointed by the lecturer of a course to be in charge of most of the activities concerning the course involved.

A course rep has to take care of the course, maintain peace and order whenever the course is to be taken, calls the lecturer when the need arises and also circulate messages to the course participant’s when the need arises.

Well, the two term is always misplaced at times. Sometimes, people take class rep as the rep of the class and also as the rep of the course.

It may be practiced, but the fact remains that a course rep is not a class rep. A course rep may only take the position of controlling the who department and also the courses they offer.

Many course Rep’s would feel I am here to expose their game.

Not at all!

Many course Rep’s wouldn’t even want me to continue with this post.

Course rep!

I want to assure you your little game will not be revealed to your fellow students.

I have thought , observed, researched things about course. Things they gain from being course Rep’s and I have come to realization after a couple of deep thought and investigations.

7 Things Only university class Representative Will Understand.


Note: This research was conducted by Usulorinform team in Ebonyi state university, Abakaliki (EBSU).

It it written to get all students informed about all student rep.  mostly class reps in the higher institution of learning.

Let go…

1. Most of the numbers on your phone are not saved.

You may think you are so close to your class rep, but do you know your contact is not saved on his phone?

Course reps finds it hard saving numerous numbers of students who calls for differs questions. One thing that annoys course rep at times are things like this;

You know yourself that lecturer you ought to have at that time or period is absent and which your course rep may have addressed you.

You will then go to him again asking this type of question “Are we going” , “should we go or not” and more of that kind.

The funniest one done by some students is this. On Monday morning by 8am or close to that, you will pick your phone and dial your course rep number which you saved as my course rep, my coursy etc.

On that morning you will wake up and then carry your phone with low battery warnings to call your course rep and you will be like “Coursy, do we have lecture at all…” , course rep, do we suppose to have lecture on Monday morning sef.

So, when you might have done all that you still expect your course rep to save your number on his phone?

2. Those moments everyone treats you like the real enemy.

There are at times everyone in the department may see the course rep as their enemy. It is very common and very reoccurring.

Just recently in our year two first semester, we did an impromptu mid semester examination and you know student life. Some came to class at the normal time while big boys crew like us entered late.

Before we could get to the class, the former assignment given was already passed and we felt like out.

We talked sense into our course rep and he agreed to collect from us and add the already collected in lecturers unawareness.

He collected and was adding it up to the originally collected one.

When the lecturer returned from her discussion with one of the school authority, she was like “foolish course rep”. Everyone in the class bursted into laughter.

Course rep will definitely feel bad and might assume we hate him big time.

The fact still remains that those your sheep may not actually hate you, but course reps will always see us as if we hate them.

3. Your realization of lecturers thinking you are always present.

Do you know that most course reps hardly attend class. They at times misses quiz and other exams of which you and me are not aware.

The thing is that only course reps understands some of this thing in the university.

Let me quickly give you an instance, my course rep came late to the class the last quiz we had in school before I started writing this article.

He had earlier informed a friend of mine that he may not come to school that day.

Well, I wonder what later pushed him to start coming, but before he could arrive, we have already finished the quiz.

He sat next to me and began to collect the script of others that have written and are ready for submission.

Course reps don’t need to write all their courses before they can pass. At times, that’s just what they gain from being course rep.

I hope you you are not following course rep, because following him or her is not a guarantor of you passing that course.

Good for you, I have big gift for you after this article you are reading which is going to be titled “Natural ways to pass exam easily”.

4. Insults or abuses you get when a single or two persons didn’t get an update.

Sending message or text across the whole students in ones department may be stressful and tiring at the same time.

Some will never appreciate the little that the course rep does. They always want him to be a god. Doing this and doing that.

I must complement course reps for their works. It is not easy.

They receive lot of insults for no reason. Some even go to the extend of attributing their probability of failing to course rep. They will be like course rep! I no wan fail this course.

Course rep! Make I no fail this course abeg

Course rep! Do normal guy!

There is nothing I haven’t seen when it concern course rep matter. In fact, course reps are more active In the university than lecturers.

I am yet to discover what is actually attached to course rep position that people so much love to be course rep of a department.

I hope fo find one soon and I shall drop it for you to know too.

5. The acceptance you still need to study like others.

Course reps knows they still have to study like other students in order to pass their various courses.

The fact still remain that even though we call them “course rep” “Presido” “capacity ” and other various titles, they know within their selves that they need to study hard in order to pass their courses.

I could recall in UNILAG a particular year when I was told a final year course rep had two references or carry-over to write.

I was so surprised then cause I was in secondary school. It was then I recall that even course reps fail their courses when they are not serious or studious in academic area.

Also, being an SUG, student union government president does not give one the privilege to pass his courses unmerited.

My SOC lecturer in Ebonyi state university, EBSU who teaches Elements of scientific thought i and ii would say;

“Even unserious SUG do fail my course, if he/she failed to study hard.”

His statements usually get us scared and usually very fridget, but the fact is that he is a great man, a great lecturer, a great father and also a great guardian.

Most of his words has really encouraged us to be studious and independent when it comes to examination.

He would say to us “read this course properly. Whatever I am saying here now is what I am going to set in your examination. In fact, you will meet it like this”

6. They still have to try hard to be among the best.

There is no dispute on this one. One who is a leader is assumed to be of higher intellect than those he or she is leading.

There is usually believe that the course rep must know more than the non course rep or his fellow departmental mate.

Course reps within their selves usually have the desire to be at the best so that they will earn the respect in full.

Just imagine when a course rep is having 4 to 6 references to write in 300level or 400level. It sounds somehow right?

That’s why they usually feel their is need to be at their best, the need to be at the top. Even course rep has this feeling even if it is manifested in most of them.

7. They never really feel the need to step down.

Have you noticed your course rep in year one still wants to continue in year two, year three and even till final year. The truth is that it is natural.

No man wants to vacant his or her office for another person considering the fact they see some change or pennies from their course rep or class positional work.

This 7 Things Only university class Representative Will Understand has been tested, confirmed and has proven to be the same in the universities, college of science and technology, college of education etc.

Let quickly take a look at these:

As a Class Representative, you are a spokesperson for your class and thus a crucial link between the PA, the parent body, and the School.

It is important that you stay informed on PA and School happenings and keep the members of your class informed.

What makes a good class rep?

It is a person who is willing to give up a proportion of their own free time for the well-being of their class and university as a whole. Also they need to be able to tend to their duties as a rep.

What do you say when running for a class rep?

I would like to represent our class as we begin our journey, I will be as dedicated as possible.

As one of your class representatives, I will present your ideas to the student council as well as make my own contributions to the school.

Over to you.

What is your own experience about your course representative or class rep?

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