8 Tips To Memorise Or Cram Everything A Night Before Exam

Most students usually feel lazy to study until a day before the exam before they will remember there books, how can you cram for one day and still perform better than those that have been studying since the beginning of the semester?

Do not worry because I will show you working cramming the night before exam magic that is effective.

The tips that I will be revealing to you here are very effective and have worked for 99% of those that have used it, not only that I will also show you simple ways to cram difficult subjects/courses.


Before we go on I will like to explain two words to you which are Studying and Cramming,

  1. Studying: Is the process of reading to understand the whole ideas in a topic, the information obtained are usually stored in a long team memory.
  2. Cramming: is the process of trying to consume large information within a short time, the information are usually stored in a short team memory, and it can be used within short time.

Since you have understood those two teams let move on, exam tomorrow haven’t studied I will advice you to cram! Why? please, see my reasons below.

Reasons Why You Should Cram?

Their are many reasons why students cram for an exam and some of the reasons are what i want to show you below but wait! Am I encouraging you to cram? not really!

  1. The exam is Sub-Objective: if the exam you are preparing for is sub OBJ which will require you to fill in the black space exactly the way it is in the textbook my brother cram.
  2. The topic require you to memorise: if the topic require you to memorise things like; First 20 element, List of Continent in the world, List of past and present presidents of Nigeria etc, better cram.
  3. Your exam is near: if your exam is tomorrow and you have been busy without studying, it is better you pack everything into your head now!
  4. The exam involves fomulars: Since no one will ask you to derive the fomular, I will advice you to cram it.
  5. When the lecturer need you to write exactly what they thought you in class: some teachers/lecturer will tell you “write exactly what I thought you in class”.
  6. The course is too difficult: When the course/subject is too difficult to understand.

How To Cram or Memorise Effectively

1. Eat a good meal

Before you start cramming the night before exam eat food that will make your body flexible I mean light, do not eat food that will make your body heavy so that you will be able to assimilate easily.

2. Relax your brain/mind

Let your brain and mind be calm before you pick up your book, so that you can remain focus once you start reading, once you noticed that your mind is carried away by other things in your mind, stand up immediately and move around before you come back and continue.

3. Share the cramming process into different stages

for it to be easy for you, try and divide the topics into different stages, by saying after cramming this, I will cram that before this. That will make things more easier and small to consume.

4. Set time for each topic

Set up cramming interval for each topic so that you will not waste a lot of time on only one topic since the time is short, this will make you to cram many topics.

5. Use past question

If you noticed that they usually repeat questions in the exam, try and buy past question papers and read, this will be more easier for you most especially if the question come along with answer at the back.

I will advice students preparing for JAMB, WAEC/NECO to take note of this.

6. Do not cram too late

Give your brain a chance to relax, if you do not allow your brain to relax it will have a harder time remembering the information you have crammed.

7. Prepare for the morning

Prepare all you will take along to the exam centre at a place or in your bag, so you will not forget anything in the morning, have at least two pen in case if one disappoint you make use of the other, if not you will end up vanishing all you have crammed on the process of looking for another pen or pencil to use.

8. Get a good sleep

Either you are cramming or studying night before exam you need a nice sleep so that your brain can calm down, sleeping after cramming will Make you to be able to remember those informations you have crammed faster than cramming through out the night without sleeping.

Once you get to the exam hall,

  1. Do not panic,
  2. Believe in your self,
  3. Do not over think.

Is it good to cram the night before exam?

Yes! If you have not studied, but if you have been studying I will not advice you to cram rather, review your study notes so you will understand what you have studied more better.

Is cramming the night before exam effective? Yes! If you understand how cramming work which I have explained above.

In my next article I will be coming up with golden secrets of brilliant students, why brilliant students will never fail any exam no matter how difficult it is, coming soon.

I wish you success in your examination.

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