Top 15 Good Reasons For Choosing a Course Of Study In School

In this post, I will share with you good reasons for choosing a course of study in college, university, polytechnic or online study that will help your career.

Choosing a course of study in high institutetions can be found difficult by some students as a result of double mindset or rumors of people.

It is obvious that some students choose the course that is not from their mind or that is not their choice as a result of friends or family background or parental advise. In high institutions, no course is easy and no course is hard but it all depends on the one you know best and the one you have passion to do.  

15 Reasons for choosing a course of study in Higher institution

Life is full of options, you have to think and make proper research before choosing. Therefore, before you choose a particular course these are what you need to know:  

1. Make sure you have a knowledge of that particular course:

Having a knowledge of a course doesn’t mean you are more intelligent than others but how good are you in that particular field.

For instance, someone can be good in calculation but in times of theory aspect the person will be lacking behind. That is to say, before you choose a course, know the type of human being you are and the area you can do better.  

2. Have a passion for the course:

This means that in any course you are choosing, there must be what that is motivating you into it. For instance, some people have the passion of encountering and helping others solve their social problems and that is why we have people like Sociologist, social worker e.t.c.  

3. Course that can lead you to your dream target:

I have to hypothesize that a man without a dream is a equivalent to dead person .I.e before you choose a course check whether the course is in line with what you are planning to be in future.

For instance, you cannot have in mind that you will become a medical doctor in future and you choose political science as your course of study. That is to say you should choose a course that can stand with your target.  

4. Conduct a research aboutt the course:

It is very important that you make a research about a particular course of your choice before you engage into it. There are many ways you can carry out your research such as online browsing, asking a question, and reading books on the course.  

5. Make sure you have what it takes to be in such Field:

This is another important reasons for choosing a course. It has led many students to dropout as a result of lack of equipment or innate ability.

Therefore, before you choose a course check behind yourself whether you can be able to afford what it takes. For instance, if you want to major in professional course like law, medical doctor, etc you should bear it in mind that the financial requirement and time are not the same with course like business studies, Literary studies etc.  

6. What is the relevant of that particular course to the society:

This is where we have to prove that some course are more essential in the society than others. Before you choose a course, you have to understand the impact of that particular course in the current society.

For instance, so far as human being is concern, there must be social problems and for that social problem to be offered a remedy, Sociologist, criminologist or social workers must be involved. secondly, so far as there is illness in the society, the medical doctor and nurses can never be left behind.

  Why I choose Sociology My discipline of study is Sociology. There are many reasons that motivated me to chose Sociology as my best course of study. They are as follows;

  1.  Sociology gives a sophisticated knowledge about the universe.
  2. it highlights on social life.
  3. It teaches about what can be considered good and bad in the society.
  4. It gives opportunities for high social status.
  5. It is unique in its pattern compare to other discipline.

I have seen many Nigerian, South African and some other students from different countries that chose a wrong course just because they have no reason or do not think before choosing the course.

it Is all about your passion for your course and for your future career, try to make an adjust now that we are still In the day to prevent hard I no!  

7.) Your Interest in the course

Which course are you studying or which course did you want to study in the university? Are you planing to study Nurse, Law, Engineering or any course of your choice? If all your answer are YES!

Then come let me ask you question did you have interest in studying that course or you are just pushed into the course to study. One of my sister by name Ruth applied for mass communication but was later moved to Sociology to study.

she has no option than to go on with this great course that is Sociology for her first time in the department of sociology she do not show any interest of studying that course.

but was later developed great interest toward the course, in fact she has passion for studying sociology, your passion for the course count first before any other thing.  

8.) Your academic performance

Flash back just take a look at your acedemic performance in your secondary school how was it? Is it good or bad, that is another thing you should consider before choosing any course to study in the University.

Can you be able to stand out in the mist of your course mates in terms of academic race such as exam, competition etc this is among the reasons for choosing a course of study by students.  

9.) Money

Financial problem usually cause issues some times, most especially if you are the one that is going to be sponsoring yourself in school getting the money to pay the school fees might be problem most time.

And if you are going to be working while schooling you have to think about the course you can study that will be able to make you feet in.

If you study some busy course like Law, medicine and surgery etc you may end up dropping out because of your wrong decision, but it is not yet late for you to think just count yourself lucky for seen this great reasons for choosing a course of study.

your reason for choosing the course may also be because of the salary you will be earning once you graduate and get job, after considering those things it may give you the right direction to follow while choosing your course of study.  

10.) Your Commitment to the course

This is another reason for choosing a course, are you committed to studying the course that is what you should also consider, what do I mean by being committed.

This is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activities etc once you are dedicated to study the course if that is one of your reason for studying it good.  

11.) Time

As you already no that some courses take much years to be studied than others course like Law, and other take lesser time but do time really matter, yes! It matter but depend on your own situation, before you graduate, wait till you get job, and get married if you should start thinking that it may be your own reason for choosing a course with long duration or short.  

12.) Think About The Value

Try to no the volue of any course that you want to study, what is the worth of the course? Once you no the worth then you consider if it is OK for you.

consider what it will impact in you as a person and how will it shape you to be a good citizen, leader, etc once you check those things move on to the next point.  

13.) Unemployment Rate of The Graduates

Think about the unemployment rate of the graduates that have studied the same course you want to study, is it high or low if it is high can you be able to over shadow them when you graduate?

I mean can you be able to get job easily if yes move on but if no then think twice and look deep into the course. Or can you be able to create job for yourself with the knowledge gained from the course after graduation.  

14.) Interview those that have studied that same course

Go into any area where you can find any experienced graduate of that same course and interview, ask up to three to four people question so you can no their view about the course.

I could remember back then when I was planing to study in Ebonyi state University (EBSU) I have to move to the campus and interview some students studying sociology in EBSU.

I ask questions such as; What is Sociology? Why do you chose sociology? And who will I be called after graduating from Sociology department, and what is the strategies that I will gain that I do not no now that I will no later?

In fact, many of them gave me exactly the same thing such as; Who will I be called after graduating from the department of Sociology; Sociologist.

The techniques that I will learn after graduating; Social telesis, this bust my brain with the great determination and dream to become a Sociologist.    

15.) What Make You Feel Like A Boss

What is that thing that make you feel like a boss that once you are doing it people will be calling boss or people will be haling you or that you feel comfortable doing.

For instance, I feel Very great when writing then I deside to chose a course that can make my writing career to be smooter than before, that is just my own reason for choosing the course.  


In conclusion reasons for choosing a course of study differs but base on the individuals, but I see the best course to study as the one that base on problem solving, because people are looking for the solutions to their problems daily.

That is all on the topic reasons for choosing a course of study I hope this article really helped you? What course will you like to study in University or college and why did you like the course?

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