How to fix your car oxygen sensor

Before we proceed to how to fix your car oxygen sensor let’s talk about the things every car owner should know about oxygen sensor.

How to fix your car oxygen sensor

Different car owners all over the world have should there Different ideas based on their own level of understanding of car oxygen sensor on the Internet which has been so helpful to thousands of car owners.

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Because of the loopholes in most of the articles, Our team have made a comprehensive guide on how to fix your oxygen sensor.

What is an oxygen sensor

An oxygen sensor which is also known as an O2 sensor is an electronic device that calculates the proportion of oxygen in the gas or liquid being analyzed.

Symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor

  1. It lights up the Check Engine Light: This is the most common sign, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Your car’s system detects the malfunctioning sensor and throws up a signal on the dashboard.
  2. It reduces Fuel Efficiency: A bad sensor disrupts the air-fuel balance, leading to inefficient combustion and increased fuel consumption.
  3. Poor Engine Performance: Rough idling, hesitation, and lack of power are all potential symptoms. The engine struggles to run when the air-fuel mixture is incorrect.
  4. Bad Odours: Rotten egg smells coming from the exhaust are signs of excess fuel not being burned properly due to a faulty oxygen sensor.
  5. Black Smoke: Dark smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe shows incomplete combustion, often caused by an excessively rich fuel mixture due to a bad sensor.
  6. Failed Emissions Test: If your car’s air-fuel ratio is off due to a bad sensor, it’s likely to fail an emissions test due to higher pollutant levels.
  7. Unusual Engine Sounds: Knocking, pinging, or rattling noises can point to engine issues caused by the incorrect air-fuel mixture from a bad sensor.
  8. Increased Engine RPM: The engine might rev higher than usual at idle to compensate for the air-fuel imbalance, which can be noticeable and annoying.
  9. Engine Stalling: In severe cases, a bad sensor can cause the engine to stall especially when under load.
  10. Overheating: The inefficient combustion caused by a bad sensor can generate excess heat, potentially leading to engine overheating.

How to fix your car oxygen sensor

Every car has three oxygen sensor which are located in different places each position has its own unique oxygen sensor.

After removing the oxygen sensor make sure you read it with a multimeter to make sure it’s bad before changing it.

Locate the one you want to change, Get a fourteen spanner lose it and unplug it from its socket.

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