Things to Know About 2GR Engine

The 2GR engine is a 3.5-liter V6 engine family that was produced by Toyota. It’s a popular engine used in many Toyota Camry, highlander, Sienna, Avalon, rav4, venza, Lexus RX 350, es350 cars that was built around 2005.

This is the most powerful version of the engine, and it combines direct injection with a special Atkinson cycle combustion process for even better fuel efficiency.

2GR Engine Specs

  1. 2GR Engine is a versatile engine
  2. Its 3.5L six-cylinder
  3. The 2GR uses direct injection
  4. 2GR has a horsepower between 295-316 hp
  5. 2GR engine has Double Overhead Camshaft

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2GR Engine Reliability

  1. Durable Design: The 2GR is known for its construction with an aluminium block and aluminium cylinder heads. This is one of the reasons behind the longevity of the Toyota engine
  2. Proven Track Record: Having been around since 2005 and powering numerous Toyota vehicles, the 2GR has a long history of reliable performance.
  3. Simple and Reliable Technology: The 2GR, the most common variant, uses normal port fuel injection, which is a well-established and dependable technology.
  4. High Owner Satisfaction: Owners consistently report positive experiences with the 2GR’s reliability, with many reaching high mileage without having major problems.

2GR Engine Problems

  1. Oil Leaks: The most frequent complaint with the 2GR engine is oil leaks, which are normally from the front timing cover. This leak isn’t engine-threatening, but it can be messy sometimes.
  2. Early Model VVT Issue (Pre-2009): Some earlier 2GR engines (around 2005-2008) might have had an issue with a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) oil line. This has been addressed in later models.
  3. Head Gasket Issues: There have been some reports of head gasket failures on certain 2GR engines, although it’s not as widespread as some other engine types. This can be a more serious repair.

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